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life, love, time to fly.

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5/5/10 01:12 am - Talkers vs. Listeners

Listeners are not always as easy to pick out as you would think. The stereotype listener is more on the quiet side. He watches and listens to everything you say, but doesn’t ever give you feed back. You aren’t sure if he really understands, and feel distanced from him. 

            The listener is having a conversation with you the whole time you are talking, inside his head. He doesn’t throw out is pearls of wisdom and thought to just anyone, anywhere. He feels to vulnerable for that. Before the listener will tell you the amazing thoughts that are happening inside his head, he has to be sure that you are a true friend, and trust-able person. He will usually also wait for a very safe environment to talk to you in

I am a listener.
To be honest, i find it a challenge to open up to people and express my feelings..& that kindda sucks :/
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